Tag: Lily Archer

The Bazaar – Lily Archer

Silmaran puts one finger to her lips as she cuts the rope that binds me to Gareth. I’m about to call his name when someone claps a hand over my mouth and pulls me into a dusty side street. “We need you.” Silmaran follows, her amber eyes the same shade as I remember from our […]

Taken – Lily Archer

I creep out of Taylor and Leander’s room. They didn’t notice me passed out on their sofa when they burst in after the mating ceremony that I accidentally missed. Food coma. That’s what Taylor calls it. I was in a food coma. But when they came in and went at it like ferals, I was […]

Freedom – Lily Archer

Beth’s voice echoes off the cold obsidian walls that rise on either side of me. I maintain my hold, wedging myself between the rock and moving slowly, painstakingly toward my target. I can feel how cold she is, how scared. The Abyss drops away below me, nothing but air and death beneath my dangling feet. […]

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