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The Renegade – Lily Baldwin

Rife with danger and wicked salaciousness, Lady Elora Brodie had never walked the narrow roads and alleyways of Edinburgh’s shipyards, nor had she ever imagined she would, especially after nightfall. “My lady, forgive me but I fear for yer safety,” the head of her guard said in a low voice at her side. “Do not […]

The Devil in Plaid – Lily Baldwin

Ranulf MacKenzie eyed the band of riders he passed on the road to his family’s stronghold. He counted fifteen warriors clad in the colors of the MacDonnell, plus two women, a lady and her maid. “My lady,” Ranulf said, bowing his head as he passed the beauty. Waves of black hair skimmed her waist. Eyes […]

The Courageous Highlander – Lily Baldwin

Laird Owen MacArthur scaled the steep precipice of Beinn Dìomhair, which meant “secret mountain”. It was so named because its snow-capped pinnacle was hidden from view by the surrounding Ceòthach Mountains, and only from the summit of one of the neighboring peaks could Beinn Dìomhair be seen. Despite its lesser height, it was treacherous—steep and […]

Rose – Lily Baldwin

Rose MacVie stood on her favorite rock, gazing at the moon, which hovered above the twilightblue sea. It cast a rippling white reflection, stretching like an arm across the water. The moon reached for Rose. She felt the pull within her, the light straining to touch her lonely, restless heart—for the moon was a kindred […]

Ian – Lily Baldwin

A full moon shone high in the sky as Ian raced up the steps of Haddington Abbey and pounded his fist on the chapel door. “Open up! I need to speak with the abbot!” Hearing the sudden shuffling of feet and muffled voices coming from inside, he ceased his knocking. Moments later, the door swung […]

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