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The Viking’s Captive – Lily Harlem

“If you’d seen what I had, you’d be terrified.” Duna Terin dumped the last of the tanned hides onto the pile, then turned and placed her hands on her hips. “I promise you, Father, you’d be running for the hills.” “You’re being histrionic, lass,” Ronan Terin said, stoking the hearth fire. “As usual.” “I’m not, […]

The Duke’s Pet – Lily Harlem

Jemima gripped the handle of her small wicker basket and stared up at the sign over the entrance to The Rose and Thorns. She’d never thought her life would come to this. That she’d have to swallow her pride and become a plaything, an object of pleasure, for men. But it had. And she couldn’t […]

Steinn – Lily Harlem

Steinn tightened the embossed leather band around his head—a safe passage gift from his father many years ago—and gripped the hilt of his iron sword. Despite wanting to spring into action, take what was rightfully his, he remained rooted to the ground and watched… Her. His new Pict bride. At this moment she was marching […]

Owned by the Highlanders – Lily Harlem

Moira Campbell stood in the doorway of the large kitchen and watched her maid scrubbing a heavy copper pot. Her heart sank at the sight of the older woman’s hunched shoulders. Her tattered dress and her silver hair hanging limply made her look much older than her years. I have to do something. “Emily,” Moira […]

Obeying Her Vikings – Lily Harlem

The path through the woods provided Iona a welcome break from the warm day. Midsummer in the land of Norway offered the complete opposite to the depths of winter and it was her favorite time of year. Birds sang and flitted from branch to branch, a squirrel darted across the path, and a rabbit stopped […]

Claimed by the Clan Chief – Lily Harlem

Isla Dunoon concentrated as she carried the heavy tray of ale across the bustling banquet room. Her laird, Stewart McDonald, was hosting an important Jacobite as well as family he hadn’t seen for some time. It was essential she didn’t spill the drinks the thirsty crowd were clamouring for. She dodged a fellow maid, Diane, […]

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