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The Love Match – Lily Maxton

Olivia Middleton was the only daughter left. Olivia didn’t begrudge her two sisters marrying, but she did begrudge their freedom. As soon as they were out of the house, their mother, Lady Middleton, had turned a matchmaking eye to her youngest daughter with all the fierceness of a hawk seeking its prey, and Olivia, like […]

Enchanting the Earl – Lily Maxton

THE HİGHLANDS, SCOTLAND 1812 An unexpected knock on the door was startling under any circumstances, considering Annabel Lockhart lived in a desolate corner of the Scottish Highlands. An unexpected knock on the door in the middle of the night was enough to make her tumble out of the library settee, where she’d fallen asleep reading […]

A Scot’s Surrender – Lily Maxton

The Highlands, Scotland 1814 It began with a fire, and then a flood. A more superstitious man might have thought these were ill tidings, but Robert Townsend had never been very superstitious. These mishaps had concrete, observable causes—lightning, in the first case. A storm darkened the sky to the west, brought with it gusts of […]

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