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The Director – Lily White

The word STUPID should be tattooed across my forehead. SUCKER, maybe. Or EASY. I’d considered the word IGNORANT, but, to fit, the letters would be too small and unreadable from a mile away. They needed to be visible so that those who watched from the shadows, the unsavory characters who haunt the alleyways and crevices […]

Wishing Well – Lily White

They are far too bleak, these places with their metal bars and razor wire, these holes where doomed men are tossed, awaiting the day when their numbers would be pulled and they would be walked down long halls to a room that would forever remember their last breath. Even the sun couldn’t penetrate the low […]

Rules of Engagement – Lily White

Three inch high heels were not invented by a woman. During the day, they are an acceptable fashion choice, designed to enhance height, stature, posture and the shapeliness of the female leg. At five foot four, I need them in my workplace – only because they give me some sense of power within a dingy […]

Four Crows – Lily White

Dear Katie: Maybe this is a stupid way for me to start this letter. You’re so much more than dear, but I can’t wrap my brain around another way to begin. It may even be stupid for me to be writing you at all. There’s no place for me to send this. If there were, […]

Illusions of Evil – Lily White

“Present yourself across the altar, child. Remember what I have taught you.” Tears seeped from my clenched eyes. My pulse beat hard and fast. A shiver chased up my spine, but I was ready regardless. He was hovering over my body, preparing. “Your needs are his. You are the gift that will open the gates…” […]

Her Master’s Redemption – Lily White

I was a Master. To understand me, you have to understand my past. My father was a Master. My mother was a Courtesan. I was raised in a business that trained women to become whores for the men that owned them. I was taught to use a strict hand…but also a kind heart. You see, […]

Fear the Wicked – Lily White

It would take some finesse on my part to bend the morality of the citizens of the small town I’d inherited. Every Sunday, they showed up faithfully. And every Sunday, I eased them into the violence I knew lay just beneath their skin. It was right there, an electric current just waiting for the proper […]

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