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The Outlaw’s Mail Order Bride – Linda Broday

Monday—why was it even a day of the week? Clay Colby thought about shooting whoever had the bright idea to make it one. He’d always hated Mondays. They brought bad luck, and for a man living one step ahead of the law, he didn’t need more. He’d gladly scratch each Monday off the calendar if […]

The Mail Order Bride’s Secret – Linda Broday

Darkness closed around Melanie Dunbar as a clock somewhere beyond the stone wall gonged eight times. The honeysuckle-scented night breeze blowing in through the barred window wasn’t that cold, but with fear added to the mix, it chilled her to the bone. Shivering, she put an arm around her sister Ava and pulled the one […]

The Cowboy Who Came Calling – Linda Broday

Often the elders spoke in hushed whispers about a long, painful night of the soul. How the wind visited, carrying problems as thick as a biblical plague. It’s also said that impatience dries the blood sooner than age or sorrow. Surely this must be such a time. In twenty years, Glory Marie Day had come […]

Saving the Mail Order Bride – Linda Broday

It was a plain, ordinary March day with nothing ahead but dusty miles and a wide expanse of sky overhead. Ordinary… If you didn’t count the manacle around Jack Bowdre’s wrist. If you didn’t count the marshal sitting next to him. And if you didn’t count the fact that he’d soon be in a hoosegow […]

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