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A Cowboy Christmas Legend – Linda Broday

Texas Panhandle Winter 1900 Sam Legend startled from a deep sleep to the whisper of a sound. Or was it a mere dream? Was someone outside? Or had he imagined everything? Hard telling. He lay still and listened a moment but heard nothing more. Finally, he rubbed sleep from his eyes and sat up, reaching […]

A Cowboy of Legend – Linda Broday

“Destroyer of men’s souls! Beware the pitfalls of the devil’s brew!” Grace Legend held up her sign and directed her loud yells into the murky interior of the Three Deuces saloon. A gust of wind delivered the stench of the nearby stockyards up her nose and a swirl of dirt into her eyes. She blinked […]

To Catch a Texas Star – Linda Broday

The cool night air bit into his face as night creatures scurried through the brush, perhaps looking for something to appease their hunger. Roan Penny’s weary eyes narrowed into hard slits. He leaned against the side of the shack—his temporary home—and stared up at the huge, star-dotted expanse. Those stars put a million periods at […]

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