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Disappeared – Linda Castillo

It had been a long time since he’d been this kind of scared. The kind that caused his hands to shake, his heart to beat so fast he couldn’t catch his breath. The urge to turn tail and run—to forget the plan he’d conceived down to every last detail—clawed at his insides. Of course, he […]

The Pact – Linda Castillo

The blade left a trail of blood across pale flesh. Not too deep, but it hurt plenty. Twelve-year-old Aaron Kuhns didn’t flinch. He didn’t make a sound or look away. Didn’t so much as blink. To show any reaction would brand him as weak and lessen the solemnity of the moment. “You ready?” the other […]

Outsider – Linda Castillo

She’d always known they would come for her. She knew when they did that it would be violent and fast and happen in the dead of night. Despite all the training, the mental and physical preparation, she’d also known that when the time came, she wouldn’t be ready. She wasn’t sure what woke her. Some […]

Shamed – Linda Castillo

No one went to the old Schattenbaum place anymore. No one had lived there since the flood back in 1969 washed away the crops and swept the outhouse and one of the barns into Painters Creek. Rumor had it Mr. Schattenbaum’s 1960 Chevy Corvair was still sitting in the gully where the water left it. […]

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