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Trust in Love – Linda Kage

I’d witnessed the birthing process enough from growing up in the brothel where my mother had worked to know the queen’s babe would be here soon. Low, distressed moans and heightened murmurs of encouragement filtered from her royal bedchamber and out into the corridor, echoing down the hall to me like shards of haunting memories […]

One True Love – Linda Kage

Rain hadn’t visited this region in quite some time, proof evident in the brown, wilted cacti and dead flowering plants we passed. Sandy travel dust coated us all, weighing us down with a weary kind of plod that made our journey feel even longer than the three weeks it had taken to reach this point. […]

Mark of Love – Linda Kage

I clapped my hands over my ears as another scream echoed down the hall, this one louder and closer than the last. It sounded like Mama. When the cry stopped abruptly, I gave a thick swallow, tucked my knees up to my chest, then squeezed my eyes shut, rocking myself slowly back and forth. I […]

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