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Lindsay Brambles – Zero-Option

He realized he’d made an error in assuming the holos he’d seen of her were old recordings. An understandable mistake, given that the woman seated at the desk in the office seemed far too young to be the notorious Captain Jhordel. He stepped back a pace and re-examined the ID plate beside the hatch, then […]

Lindsay Brambles – The Wall

“Sometimes,” he said, squatting down by the fire and holding his hands to the open flame, “I think that I hear voices from the other side.” “Voices, Sartas?” someone laughed. “And what do these voices say to you, lad?” “Were they women’s voices?” asked another, his leering face looming up out of the darkness and […]

Lindsay Brambles – Choices

Whenever I see the panai, I am reminded of Kieara. Reminded of how she changed a world. Or worlds—hers and mine. I close my eyes and see her face, and above the chanting of the crowd, I hear her voice. A soft exhalation of words. Calm. Measured and reasoned. Not at all consumed with the […]

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