Tag: Lindsay Cross

Wild Fury – Lindsay Cross

Tomi Tomlin floored her little red Acura two-door, testing the boundaries of its 4-cylinder engine as she sped back toward the mansion of her employer, multi-millionaire international businessman Luis Despasco. “Oh my God, Tomi, how could you have forgotten your passport?” her friend Carrie said over the Bluetooth connection. She couldn’t blame Carrie for sounding […]

Mayhem’s Betrayal – Lindsay Cross

DR. MELİSSA AVERTON leaned over and pressed her eyes to the high-powered microscope, studying the newest sample of experimental serum through weary eyes. Unconsciously, her hand drifted to her lower back, as if it could support her tired achy muscles. With her other hand, she adjusted the lens as the nearly invisible magnified squiggly lines […]

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