Tag: Lindsay Cummings

Blood, Metal, Bone – Lindsay Cummings

Tears trickled down Sonara’s cheeks as she crouched in the shadowy corners of the Soreian royal stables. She’d awoken early that morning to find the word scraped in the sand between the aisles of stalls. Exactly where they knew she’d find it. BASTARD It had been gouged deep, as if drawn with the sharp edge […]

Zenith – Sasha Alsberg, Lindsay Cummings

ENDLESS DARKNESS. It surrounded him in Cell 306, twisting and turning itself into his bones until he and the darkness became one. His thoughts had long since stopped running wild with every groan and creak of the prison walls. A thinning blanket, his only companion, was wrapped tightly around his shoulders, but it failed to […]

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