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Undercover Magic – Linsey Hall

The Real Death Valley California, USA “Hurry!” I shouted. “The sun is almost up!” The engine of our monster truck roared as my sister Ana, the driver, pressed on the gas and laughed like a loon. I grinned. The nut job loved speed. I crouched low on the platform built over the car’s hood and […]

Threat of Magic – Linsey Hall

Training facility at the secret Amazon warrior headquarters The warrior lunged at me, her sword swiping for my neck. My heart lurched as a I ducked low, avoiding her strike. I gripped my own sword, unfamiliar with the new Amazonian weapon, and whirled away from her. She growled and charged, but I was ready. I […]

Spirit of the Fae – Linsey Hall

MİST SWİRLED AROUND MY ANKLES, a cold reminder of my SITUATION. Fear thundered through me. Tarron and I stood in the afterworld—dead. Or partially dead, according to the Celtic goddess Brigid, who had just visited to deliver the dire news. She’d left almost immediately. Totally unhelpful. Now we were alone in some unknown afterworld with […]

Rise of the Fae – Linsey Hall

THE LOVE of my life sat tied to a chair, thrashing against the bonds as his eyes glowed gold and black. I gripped my sister’s hand and stared at him. My legs were so weak that I thought I might turn into a puddle at any moment. “He’s under her spell still,” Aeri said. “It’s […]

Queen of Light – Linsey Hall

JUST GO. Puka’s voice echoed with frustration. I looked down at the white fox and hissed, “I’m trying, okay?” The little devil arched a brow, clearly unimpressed. YOU’VE BEEN HIDING IN THE KITCHEN for three whole minutes. It’s getting weird. I clenched my jaw. “This is the least of what’s weird about me.” But damn […]

Pursuit of Magic – Linsey Hall

Grassmarket, Supernatural District of Edinburgh Two days after the events in Academy of Magic I crouched on the rooftop, the cool breeze blowing my hair away from my face. Three stories below, the Grassmarket was unusually silent for early afternoon. Normally, the supernatural district of Edinburgh would be bustling. But today, tension crackled on the […]

Phantom Magic – Linsey Hall

Sun sparkled on the leaves at my feet, and birds twittered in the trees around us. The forest was alive, but not in a way that Snow White would like. “Do those chirps sound threatening to you?” I clutched the magical lava rock closer to my chest. “Yes.” Dr. Garriso’s voice was matter-of-fact. I laughed […]

Institute of Magic – Linsey Hall

The Edinburgh alley stank of dark magic and pee. Which made it perfect for one of the Academy’s obstacle courses. The Undercover Protectorate really liked to chuck its trainees into the deep end, after all. For a magical mess like me, this was whoa deep. I crouched lower in the alley as I waited for […]

Infinite Magic – Linsey Hall

Prison sucked. No two ways about it, two hots and a cot was as bad as I’d feared. Not that I actually got two hots at the Prison for Magical Miscreants. Food at this lovely establishment left a lot to be desired. And my cot had one skinny blanket, which did nothing to ward off […]

Heir of the Fae – Linsey Hall

THE COOL NİGHT air blew my hair back from my face as I crouched in the alley, waiting for my prey. The Council of Demon Slayers had sent me after an Exurbia demon, and it was the perfect night for hunting. If I ignored the puddle of vomit to my left. And the spoiled Thai […]

Forged in Magic – Linsey Hall

As a supernatural, I was used to the fantastic. Sanaria, the main city in the Vampire Realm, took the cake, however. I’d only been here five minutes and I was already wowed. Ares and I had just parked his motorcycle on the outskirts of town and had walked onto the main street. I stopped on […]

Fate of Fire – Linsey Hall

HOW THE HELL am I supposed to kill a demon when I have no magic?” I muttered, squinting down into the darkened alley from my perch on the rooftop. Puka looked at me, her little fox eyes glinting in the night, bright with bloodlust. Chop his head off, dummy. I pursed my lips and nodded. […]

Eternal Magic – Linsey Hall

“Oh no.” I almost groaned when I caught sight of the golden sphinx crouched in front of the pyramid a hundred yards away. “It’s a sphinx.” “Twenty bucks he has a riddle for us,” Del said. “Yep. And I’m terrible at riddles.” An enormous Egyptian pyramid stuck out of the desert like a sore thumb, […]

Dragon Rising – Linsey Hall

SOME PEOPLE like to go to the movies for their first date. Or on a picnic. Maybe even a walk in the park. Not me. I preferred a good old demon hunt. Then maybe a nice dinner, followed by an icy martini with three olives. Fortunately, Declan was my kind of guy. And our first […]

Dragon Blood – Linsey Hall

Ever have one of those Friday nights that’s so exciting people get jealous? Yeah, me neither. Occasionally, I hunted demons on Friday nights. That’s not so much exciting as it is deadly. But this Friday night? My sister and I were working late, cooking up a blood sorcery potion for our buddy Aethelred, an old […]

Doomsday Magic – Linsey Hall

Do you really think this will work?” Caro asked as we walked onto the main street in Darklane. “I hope so.” I sidestepped a dodgy-looking character wearing a dark cloak and moved deeper into the black magic neighborhood of Magic’s Bend, Oregon. The sun was beginning to set here, which only served to make the […]

Demon Magic – Linsey Hall

“I think I’ve got it.” My magic finally sparked to life, a little ember shining inside my mind. Like a glowing orb, but so tiny and frail. I reached for it, envisioning myself with a hand outstretched to grasp it. The golden light of the magic warmed my fingertips. So close. I reached harder, trying […]

Demon Curse – Linsey Hall

BOURBON STREET WAS at midnight. I sidestepped some beads and puke and peered into a neon-lit bar that sold daiquiris by the bucket. Nope, no demon in there. I looked down at my tracking charm and shook it. Damned thing was faulty. A job for the Council of Demon Slayers had brought me to New […]

Crown of Fire – Linsey Hall

THE BACK of my neck prickled, as if I were being watched. That feeling again. It wasn’t the first time. Not by a long shot. I shivered and ducked deeper into the shadows of the dive bar. The whole place was cast in shades of gray and black—plenty of places to hide. Just how the […]

Captured by Magic – Linsey Hall

Do you really think the kids are back here?” Rowan asked. I turned my head to look at my sister who trudged along beside me, knee-deep in cold river water. On either side of us, red rock walls towered hundreds of feet toward the sky, blocking out the late afternoon sun. “I hope so.” I […]

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