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Trial By Fae – Linsey Hall

MY BLADE SANK into the demon’s chest like a fork through a perfect piece of cheesecake. Except grosser. I crouched over his collapsed body and twisted the dagger, grinning into his sneering face. “And that’s what you get for trying to eat children in my neighborhood.” The dagger tore up his heart as it moved. […]

Demon Slayer – Linsey Hall

Magic’s Bend, Oregon Population: 60,000 Magica, Shifters, and Things That Go Bump in the Night “Aeri? Answer me! You better not be dead, or I’ll kill you.” My sister’s voice whispered out of the enchanted charm around my neck. I slapped my hand to it, muffling the sound. “Shut it, Mari!” I hissed. “I’m still […]

Stolen Magic – Linsey Hall

“Trouble at two o’clock.” I tipped my chin toward the big glass window. Nix glanced up from behind the counter and peered at the two figures crossing the street toward our shop, Ancient Magic. Rain fell on their huge forms as they stalked toward us. Her green eyes assessed them sharply. My deirfiúr—sister by choice—was […]

Origin of Magic – Linsey Hall

The streets of Magic’s Bend were eerily quiet as I turned toward Darklane, the part of town where the black magic practitioners lived. Rain splattered on the windshield of Fabio, my Dodge Challenger Hellcat and the one true love of my life. At least, that’s what I told him when I turned him on. “Where […]

Mirror Mage – Linsey Hall

“Everyone knows you’re not supposed to pick up the golden idol!” I shouted to Aidan as we sprinted down the dark corridor, deep within an ancient Mayan pyramid. The sound of jaguar paws thundered behind us. Excuse me—demon jaguar paws. Far be it from me to forget exactly what chased me. Plain old jaguars wouldn’t […]

Magic Undying – Linsey Hall

Consciousness came slowly as heat seared my skin. Every bone in my body ached, like I’d been stomped on by a dragon. Groggily, I forced my eyes open. Walls of fire surrounded me, brilliant red and orange flickering up into the sky. My heart jumped into my throat, nearly strangling me. The flame was only […]

Enemy of Magic – Linsey Hall

Magic flowed around me as I stood at a table in my trove, pruning a desert rose. I snipped off a branch, and I swore I could feel the gratitude of the plant. “My new magic is nuts,” I muttered. Okay, crazy lady. Talking to myself wasn’t my thing, but oddly, I felt like I […]

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