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The Worst Duke in the World – Lisa Berne

His Grace the Duke of Radcliffe had reached the last of the wide marble steps that led from his house onto the graveled sweep and was just about to execute a gentle left turn when from above and behind him came a piercing voice which throbbed with annoyance and disapproval. “Anthony.” He turned and looked […]

You May Kiss the Bride – Lisa Berne

This was dangerous. If she bit her lip any harder, thought Livia Stuart, it would probably begin to bleed, sending a bright red rivulet dripping down her chin, and end up staining—in a spectacularly uncouth way—the bodice of her gown. The bodice of the gown which, Cecily had casually mentioned, was hers from two years […]

The Laird Takes a Bride – Lisa Berne

It was Fiona Douglass’s seventy-first wedding. To be precise, it was her seventy-first time attending a wedding. When you belonged to a large and thriving clan, there were naturally a lot of weddings to go to and the total number was bound to be high, especially if you weren’t a giddy girl any longer, but—to […]

The Bride Takes a Groom – Lisa Berne

A summer evening. Overhead, a full, golden moon. A soft masculine voice murmuring in her ear, “Ma chérie, je veux te toucher.” A hand, drawn across her bosom. Pleasure. Refuge. Connection. She pressed herself closer, and as she did so, to her drifted the faintest scent of lavender, carried gently on the breeze that rustled […]

Engaged to the Earl – Lisa Berne

In later years Gwendolyn would look back to the moment she fell in love with the Earl of Westenbury, and smile. “He was the handsomest man I’d ever seen,” she would say. “When he walked into Almack’s that evening, I was dancing with someone else and nearly stopped dead in my tracks. But I did […]

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