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The Lord of All Sins – Lisa Campell

O lsen Adley nursed his third glass of brandy, staring dolefully past the gambling tables to the club door. He had been ensconced in White’s, the most esteemed private gentleman’s club in London, since the early evening. Now the hands of the golden carriage clock above the fireplace ticked towards two in the morning. Adley […]

Tea Time with the Earl – Lisa Campell

Grey Teahouse was one Ariella had imagined many times, but she’d never pictured anything quite like this. The shop was…simple. It lacked all the extravagant decorations that had surrounded the entrance of her father’s own shop. The boring, brown wooden door had only a sign on the outside and the windows that bordered it had […]

It’s Always the Duke – Lisa Campell

Caroline Wentworth’s brows furrowed in a frown as she beheld her reflection in the mirror. She raised her chin and turned her face from side to side to make certain she wasn’t mistaken. A sigh slipped past her lips as she lowered her head. She wasn’t mistaken. There was something not quite right. Yes, her […]

In Love with the Rogue – Lisa Campell

You can’t be serious,” Amelia Gillingham said blankly, staring at her dissolute brother-in-law. It was a feeble protest, she knew, as she gazed at his florid coloring and dull eyes. Once considered a handsome man, George Gillingham had gladly sacrificed his looks and health – for the indulgent life of a rake from the moment […]

Governess in Disguise – Lisa Campell

Emilia jumped at the sudden sound of breaking glass, piercing her finger with the needle. Yelping, she sucked her finger and inspected the damage. There was a bit of blood, but she hadn’t ripped the skin. Why did needles have to be so sharp, anyway? She could hear someone shouting close by, but it was […]

Bitten by the Viscount – Lisa Campell

Lady Gloria waited until her maid was out of the room and safely down the hall before she pulled open the drawer in her dressing table and took out her diary. The existence of this diary was her secret. Even Gloria’s sister, Ariella, now Lady Croydon after her marriage to the dashing Earl of Croydon, […]

A Bet to Wed the Duke – Lisa Campell

Frances bounced on her tiptoes, watching the impressive stallions’ pound down the racetrack at impossible speeds. She held her breath as the jockeys flew past in a blur of brightly coloured shirts, her heart raced. The public crowd on the other side of the track erupted with a roar. She held onto her bonnet, the […]

Lady of Mischief – Lisa Campell

Lady Lavinia Crawford could not believe that her mother had such low opinions of her. She was seated on the blue armchair, her arms on each of the arm rests, her brows raised. Most times, staring at her mother was like staring in a mirror. They looked so much alike, they only took different actions […]

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