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Look For Me – Lisa Gardner

A YEAR LATER, WHAT SARAH remembered most was waking up to the sound of giggling. “Shhh. Not so loud! My roommates hate it when I bring boys home. Killjoys need their beauty sleep.” “So, no making noises? Like this?” A wolf howl from outside Sarah’s bedroom door. Fresh giggling. Then loud thumps as someone, probably […]

When You See Me – Lisa Gardner

MY MOTHER LIKES TO HUM. She stands at the stove, stirring this, tasting that, and humming, humming, humming. I sit in a chair by the table. I have a job. Grate the cheese. It’s an easy job. The queso blanco crumbles to the touch. But I’m proud to do my part. My mother says you […]

The Guy Who Died Twice – Lisa Gardner

“How was my day? Well, in the category of strangest case, I win!” “Not so fast. Strangest case is highly competitive and you know it.” “Ah, but first thing this morning, I had a man appear at Boston HQ, requesting to speak to the ‘detective in charge’ regarding a murder. His own.” “As in he […]

Never Tell – Lisa Gardner

BY THE TIME I PULL my car into the garage, my hands are shaking on the wheel. I tell myself I have no reason to feel so nervous. I tell myself I’ve done nothing wrong. I still sit there an extra beat, staring straight ahead, as if some magic answer to the mess that is […]

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