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Vanishing Point – Lisa Harris

She could read the satisfaction in her abductor’s face. A chilling sense of pleasure that reached from his upturned lips to his piercing gaze, as if he were enjoying contemplating her fate. Even with that knowledge, she was surprised at how calm she was as he motioned her out of the vehicle and onto the […]

The Escape – Lisa Harris

There is a razor-thin edge between justice and revenge, where the two easily blur if left unchecked. Five years after her husband’s murder, Madison James was still trying to discover which side of the line she was on—though maybe it didn’t matter anymore. Nothing she did was going to bring Luke back. Her pulse raced […]

Hostage Rescue – Lisa Harris

Gwen Ryland held up her phone to take a panoramic photo of the breathtaking canyon spread out in front of her. Even from where she stood, halfway down the steep wall of the chasm, the view was spectacular. She took a string of photos, then turned back toward her brother, her feet slipping on the […]

A Secret to Die For – Lisa Harris

A sharp clatter jerked Grace Callahan out of the novel she was reading. She dropped the paperback onto the empty side of the queen-sized bed, then sat up, trying to determine if the noise had come from inside the house, or outside. More than likely it was her neighbor’s dog again, knocking something over. Or […]

Pursued – Lisa Harris

Nikki Boyd grabbed the armrest of the aisle seat as the plane hit another air pocket and the FASTEN SEAT BELT light flickered on above row 29 on the Airbus. Her stomach lurched at the sensation, rattling her nerves like it had throughout the past hour of the flight. “Ladies and gentlemen, the captain has […]

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