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You Betrayed Me – Lisa Jackson

A live! I’m still alive! I blink. Disbelieving. Stare up at the ceiling that seems to dance and spin above me. My body trembles on the floor. Twitching. Flailing. Sputtering. But I wasn’t killed. At least not yet. The twin burn marks on my neck are painful. They remind me that I could well be […]

One Last Breath – Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush

It was all he could do not to wring her neck. “We’re both getting what we want,” he bit out through his teeth, trying to hold on to his anger. “You’re getting what you want. I’m getting what I want.” She was standing right in front of him, arms crossed, daring him, as she always […]

Last Girl Standing – Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush

Beep . . . beep . . . beep . . . The rhythmic sound of the monitor was soft and reassuring as nurse Alice Song stepped into the private hospital room and zeroed her gaze on the patient. The respirator was breathing for him, and there’d been no change in his condition. She’d allowed […]

Paranoid – Lisa Jackson

Are you out of your frickin’ mind? The nagging voice in Rachel’s brain chased after her as she ran through the dry weeds that had sprouted through decades-old asphalt. The night was dark, just a sliver of the moon visible, its pale light a dim glow that came and went in the undulating clouds overhead. […]

Liar, Liar – Lisa Jackson

No! No! No! Forcing her way through a gathering crowd that had been barricaded across the sloped street, Remmi shielded her eyes with one hand and stared upward through the thickening fog to the ledge of the Montmort Tower Hotel. “Oh, God.” Squinting through the fog to somewhere near the twentieth floor, she saw a […]

Backlash – Lisa Jackson

“Ilove you,” Tessa Kramer whispered. Lying on the summer-dry grass, staring into eyes as blue as the sea, she smiled, blushing a little at the boldness of her words. At nineteen she was certain she was in love. And no one, not her overprotective father, nor her suspicious brother, nor even Denver McLean himself, could […]

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