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Then She Was Gone – Lisa Jewell

Laurel let herself into her daughter’s flat. It was, even on this relatively bright day, dark and gloomy. The window at the front was overwhelmed by a terrible tangle of wisteria while the other side of the flat was completely overshadowed by the small woodland it backed on to. An impulse buy, that’s what it […]

Invisible Girl – Lisa Jewell

My name is Saffyre Maddox. I am seventeen years old. I am mostly Welsh on my dad’s side and partly Trinidadian, partly Malaysian and a tiny bit French from my mum. Sometimes people try and guess my heritage but they always end up getting it wrong. If anyone asks I just say that I am […]

The Family Upstairs – Lisa Jewell

Libby picks the letter up off the doormat. She turns it in her hands. It looks very formal; the envelope is cream in colour, made of high-grade paper, and feels as though it might even be lined with tissue. The postal frank says ‘Smithkin Rudd & Royle Solicitors Chelsea Manor Street SW3’. She takes the […]

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