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Where Passion Leads – Lisa Kleypas

To a young heart thirsting for passion, for adventure, it was not much of a life. The slow days of work and dullness were never broken for Rosalie Belleau, not by a lover’s touch, not by a night of laughter and dancing, not by the taste of wine or the headiness of occasional freedom. She […]

Then Came You – Lisa Kleypas

“Damn, damn…there it goes, the frigging thing!” A stream of curses floated on the gust of wind, shocking the guests at the water party. The yacht was anchored in the middle of the Thames, the guests assembled in honor of King George. So far the party had been dull but dignified, everyone dutifully complimenting His […]

Scandal In Spring (Wallflowers #4) – Lisa Kleypas

“I have made a decision about Daisy’s future,” Thomas Bowman announced to his wife and daughter. “Although Bowmans never like to admit defeat, we cannot ignore reality.” “What reality is that, Father?” Daisy asked. “You are not meant for the British peerage.” Frowning, Bowman added, “Or perhaps the peerage isn’t meant for you. I have […]

Suddenly You – Lisa Kleypas

“What is your preferred style, Miss Briars? Would you prefer your man to be fair-haired or dark? Average height or tall? English or foreign?” The madam was astonishingly businesslike, as if they were discussing a dish to be served at a supper-party rather than a man to be purchased for the evening. The questions made […]

Marrying Winterborne – Lisa Kleypas

“MR. WINTERBORNE, A WOMAN IS here to see you.” Rhys looked up from the stack of letters on his desk with a scowl. His personal secretary, Mrs. Fernsby, stood at the threshold of his private office, her eyes sharp behind round spectacles. She was a tidy hen of a woman, middle-aged and just a bit […]

I Will – Lisa Kleypas

London, 1833 It was not easy to ask a favor of a woman who despised him. But Andrew, Lord Drake, had always been beyond shame, and today was no exception. He needed a favor from a morally upright woman, and Miss Caroline Hargreaves was the only decent female he knew. She was proper and straitlaced […]

Hello Stranger – Lisa Kleypas

Someone was following her. The uneasy awareness crept along the nape of Garrett’s neck until the fine hairs stood on end. Lately she had the feeling of being watched whenever she went on her weekly visit to the workhouse infirmary. So far there had been no evidence to justify her unease—no glimpse of a person […]

Dreaming of You – Lisa Kleypas

The lone figure of a woman stood in the shadows. She leaned against the wall of a crumbling lodging house, her shoulders hunched as if she were ill. Derek Craven’s hard green eyes flickered over her as he came from the back-alley gaming hell. Such a sight wasn’t unusual in the streets of London, especially […]

Devil’s Daughter – Lisa Kleypas

Hampshire, England, 1877 Phoebe had never met West Ravenel, but she knew one thing for certain: He was a mean, rotten bully. She had known it since the age of eight, when her best friend, Henry, had started writing to her from boarding school. West Ravenel had been a frequent subject of Henry’s letters. He […]

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