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The Last Magician – Lisa Maxwell

March 1902—The Brooklyn Bridge The Magician stood at the edge of his world and took one last look at the city. The spires of churches rose like jagged teeth, and the sightless windows of tumbled buildings flashed in the rising sun. He’d loved it once. In those lawless streets, a boy could become anything—and he […]

The Serpent’s Curse – Lisa Maxwell

J. P. Morgan’s ballroom was a riot of noise and violence. Viola Vaccarelli watched as the people around her erupted into panic. Jack Grew had tried to set a trap for her brother, but the moment Jack had given the word for the police to arrest him, Paolo’s Five Pointers had revealed themselves and started […]

The Devil’s Thief – Lisa Maxwell

The Thief turned her back on the city—on everything she had once been and on all the lies she had once believed. The ache of loss had honed her, and the weight of memory had pressed her into something new—hard and cold as a diamond. The Thief carried the memory of those losses as a […]

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