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Expired Flight – Lisa Phillips

He was nothing but a shadow—a man with no name, as far as anyone else was concerned. The lone swimmer headed for the surface of Last Chance lake, dragging a computer tower by the rope it was tied to. A flashlight held between his teeth, he navigated through the dark waters and kicked his way […]

Expired Refuge – Lisa Phillips

According to intel, this was where it would go down. Police Lieutenant Conroy Barnes watched the feed on his laptop, which was sitting on a folding table in the janitor’s closet of the high school. Low light meant it was hard to see what was happening. But he could make out enough. The undercover was […]

Expired Game – Lisa Phillips

Across the parking lot, a shadow shifted. Officer Jess Ridgeman grabbed her off-duty gun from the glove box and shut the car door as gently and quietly as she could. Whoever was there just headed around the building. She sprinted full out across the lot to a building the police department had recently combed through […]

Expired Cache – Lisa Phillips

“Eleanor!” Everything in her screamed, ambush, a half second before she was engulfed in French perfume and cashmere. Ellie gave the woman a squeeze. “Ruby.” “It’s so good to see you again, hon.” The older woman’s skin shimmered like glitter. She did her makeup like a pro, and her white hair had been trimmed to […]

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