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Find Her Alive – Lisa Regan

Before the incidents started, Alex’s father used to take him out into the woods on adventures. That’s what he called them, but Alex soon discovered that his father’s idea of adventure was sitting on a log or laying in the brush all day, staring through a pair of binoculars at birds. Still, his father, Frances, […]

Hush Little Girl – Lisa Regan

Neither Josie nor Noah had time to brace for impact. The deer shot out of the trees to their left, a blur of faded brown. Its body met the front end of Noah’s new Chevrolet with perfectly imperfect timing. The hood of the car smashed inward like an aluminum soda can. Noah had no time […]

Vanishing Girls – Lisa Regan

There was a man in the woods, she was sure of it. For as long she could remember, the woods had been her own special kingdom, teeming with plant and wildlife, the perfect setting for all the stories her imagination could conjure. A peaceful oasis away from her mother’s hardened gaze and her father’s disdain. […]

Save Her Soul – Lisa Regan

Rain lashed against Detective Josie Quinn’s face. Strands of her black hair had escaped her ponytail and now stuck to her skin, snaking from beneath the helmet she wore. The Achilles inflatable rescue boat bobbed along in the churning floodwaters, causing a knot of nausea in her stomach. She looked behind her to see her […]

Breathe Your Last – Lisa Regan

I don’t always get to see their faces when they breathe their last breath. I wonder, when their time comes, do they know they’re about to die? Do they realize what’s happened? Are they afraid? Do any of them think about me? Do any of them suspect me? It’s kind of a letdown, never getting […]

The Girl With No Name – Lisa Regan

The television blared from her living room. Josie could hear it from her bedroom on the second floor of the house, even with the door closed. As the first notes of the theme song of WYEP—the local news station—drifted up she sighed, gathered up the wedding magazines on her nightstand and headed downstairs. Her fiancé […]

The Bones She Buried – Lisa Regan

The screams followed her, echoing all around her as she sprinted along the ridge and fled into the darkness, her feet scrabbling over the brush and loose stones. To her right was a sheer drop, hundreds of feet down. She didn’t know just how far, but she knew the fall would be enough to kill […]

Her Silent Cry – Lisa Regan

Their argument crashed in angry waves against the door between us, slamming against the wood, pooling on the floor and slipping underneath where I could hear every word. Most of the time, I didn’t understand what they were saying or even why they were fighting. I only understood that she was about to get hurt; […]

Her Mother’s Grave – Lisa Regan

She started the fire in the nursery. Her lips curved into a smile as amber flames licked the walls and spread throughout the room, consuming the perfectly matching furniture and the carpet from which she’d spent so many hours scrubbing invisible marks. The gossamer crib canopy she painstakingly arranged every day went up in a […]

Her Final Confession – Lisa Regan

Billy was coming out of the store, a bag containing two pints of mint chocolate chip ice cream slung over one wrist, when he stopped to light a cigarette. He inhaled deeply and checked his watch; he could have two cigarettes and still be home in time for dinner. His wife didn’t like it when […]

Cold Heart Creek – Lisa Regan

Josie wriggled beneath her mother’s weight, the cold of the tile floor seeping through her thin nightgown. The knife in Lila’s hand flashed in the overhead light of the trailer kitchen, and fear stopped Josie’s heart for a long second and then snapped it back into a gallop. “Mommy, no!” Josie choked out. Lila’s blue […]

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