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The Poet – Lisa Renee Jones

Tap, tap, tap, tap… I jerk my gaze from the pretty girl in the corner, who just joined our class today, to the front of the room where Sister Marion is beating her desk with a ruler, her sharp features pinched with anger. She’s mad almost as often as my dad. “Enough of this jabbering,” […]

Murder Girl – Lisa Renee Jones

It’s Sunday night, and like many people, that means catching up on dirty laundry. Unlike most people, however, my list rarely includes jeans, shirts, and socks, though some might say it probably should. And it would if my list wasn’t consumed by blood, bodies, and random crime scene nastiness. Tonight, that list includes Kane Mendez, […]

Love Me Dead – Lisa Renee Jones

Thank you so much for picking up LOVE ME DEAD! Before you read on, I want to warn you that while this Lilah Love case will standalone over its own two-book duet, there is a rich history to Lilah’s life you discover in the launch duet—MURDER NOTES and MURDER GIRL. You will enjoy the series […]

Love Kills – Lisa Renee Jones

Love Kills picks up right where Love Me Dead left off. Lilah Love, our resident badmouthed FBI profiler is in a faceoff with the Umbrella Man. A serial killer who is wreaking havoc in New York, killing women, and getting Lilah’s attention in all the wrong ways. There’s parts of this case that just can’t […]

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