Tag: Lisa Shearin

The Entity Game – Lisa Shearin

Sleep was not overrated. Whoever said otherwise never flew from Zurich to DC just long enough to repack a bag and catch a red-eye to Vegas for a poker tournament. Then for an added level of masochism, didn’t see the sun for three days and caught another red-eye home. Not only was sleep a distant […]

The Solstice Countdown – Lisa Shearin

For a welcome change, I was doing what normal people did for the holidays. I was going home to visit my family for Christmas and bringing my boyfriend to meet them. That was where “normal” screeched to a crashing halt. No one, nowhere, would ever describe me, my family, or my boyfriend as normal. My […]

The Phoenix Illusion – Lisa Shearin

It was the third night in a row of strobe-like lightning with no thunder and no rain. That should have tipped me off—it should have tipped us all off—but it didn’t. I’d been having too much fun lately. Not that I didn’t deserve it. I did. Deserved it, needed it, wanted it, and welcomed it […]

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