Tag: Lisa Siefert

Vanilla & Vendettas – Lisa Siefert

There is something so magical about surprise marriage proposals. Seeing the confused but happy look on someone’s face, along with the tears of joy streaming down their cheeks. Oh, wait, those tears were streaming down my cheeks. I grabbed a tissue to wipe them away but Lucky, my adorable and faithful Abyssinian kitten, beat me […]

Fudge & Felonies – Lisa Siefert

There were two things that my Abyssinian cat, Lucky, loved more than anything. One was playing fetch with his little, red, fuzzy ball and the other was chasing red string and mincing it with his razor kitty claws. Unfortunately for Brittany Westerheide, my high school nemesis and Clover Creek’s resident mean girl, the red ribbons […]

Cupcakes & Chaos – Lisa Siefert

The non-stop doorbell dinging and knocking on the front door woke me out of my peaceful slumber. I slowly peeled myself off my mother’s new aesthetically gorgeous but not-meant-tobe-slept-in couch that I’d fallen asleep on while watching yet another Murder She Baked movie marathon on the Hallmark Mystery Channel last night. I rolled my head […]

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