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Her Wicked Marquess – Lisa Torquay

Hester Green sat across from Drake as the housekeeper served their meal. She looked at the man who took her as mistress a year ago, his brown hair gleaming in the candlelight, not as short as fashion demanded. But then, the Marquess of Worcester cared liƩle for any demands that came his way. In truth, […]

The Lass Defended the Laird – Lisa Torquay

There were things in life which were weightless. So devoid of the gruelling making existence seem not unbearable, but un-carriable. A waltz in the moonlight. Weightless. The laugher of a child in the sun. Weightless. Lips of a husband in your long hair. Weightless. And then there were those impossible to carry. The past had […]

The Lass Beguiled the Laird – Lisa Torquay

He measured her from her hatless, bun-coiled hair, down her coat-less riding habit to her boots. The bright cinnamon attention scalded every inch of her. “Are you following the doctor’s recommendations?” His sudden change of subject had her eyes snapping on his. Her mind reeled to get back on track with that onslaught of male […]

Her Wicked Duke – Lisa Torquay

Philippa Whitman sat in the carriage with her maid as a veritable deluge raged outside. It’d not been this bad at sunrise when she bid good-bye to her grandmother, the Dowager Marchioness of Mandeville. She leŌ Wiltshire towards London to visit her niece. The morning had dawned lovely with a promising early autumn sun appearing […]

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