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Something New – Liz Lovelock

EVERYTHİNG WAS PERFECT. Until it wasn’t. White and soft-pink roses were settled into bouquets sitting as table centerpieces, circled by crystal wine glasses that glitter under the bright lights of The Grand Ballroom. Each table was to seat guests on chairs draped in white cloth with a golden sash tied in a bow. The food […]

With Love – Liz Lovelock

When your life flashes before your eyes, what do you expect to see? Joyful memories of your childhood. The love of your life. Friends who mean the world to you. But when all you see is the man in the mask, it pushes you on. There are no memories of friends or family, just the […]

Dear Captor – Liz Lovelock

What’s in a name? Usually, parents name their children with a special kind of love in their hearts. Not mine though. They didn’t want me, or at least, that’s what they kept telling me. They only ever wanted to inflict pain. I was nobody until the woman next door gave me the lovely name Elenore. […]

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