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Hunted – LJ Swallow

he silence between the four guys unnerves me. One of them always has something to say, but this isn’t the time for a joke or sarcastic comment. The only sound is distant traffic, the natural world around silent. Once again, my out of the ordinary day morphs into something worse than I could ever predict. […]

Chaos – LJ Swallow

Joss?” My voice sounds distant as if I’m somebody else trapped in a dream. He doesn’t respond. I grasp Joss’s hand and place my head on his chest, desperate to hear a heartbeat. Instead of the solid muscle I’ve rested my face on in the past, with his arms around me in comfort, I feel […]

Huntress – Angel Lawson, LJ Swallow

THE DAY THE SUN ECLİPSED, a shadow crossed my soul. As I stood with the younger girls and watched the sky darken, the birds stopped their song. The heat of the day vanished as the ring of fire enveloped the moon. Many have never seen an eclipse, and we reassured them the world wasn’t ending. […]

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