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Sinking of the Titanic and Great Sea Disasters – Logan Marshall

CHAPTER I FIRST NEWS OF THE GREATEST MARINE DISASTER IN HISTORY “The Titanic in collision, but everybody safe”—Another triumph set down to wireless telegraphy—The world goes to sleep peacefully—The sad awakening CHAPTER II THE MOST SUMPTUOUS PALACE AFLOAT Dimensions of the Titanic—Capacity—Provisions for the comfort and entertainment of passengers—Mechanical equipment—The army of attendants required CHAPTER […]

Myths and Legends of All Nations – Logan Marshall

Many, many centuries ago there lived two brothers, Prometheus or Forethought, and Epimetheus or Afterthought. They were the sons of those Titans who had fought against Jupiter and been sent in chains to the great prison-house of the lower world, but for some reason had escaped punishment. Prometheus, however, did not care for idle life […]

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