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The Alien Warrior King’s Accountant – Loki Renard

It’s not a dream… A scaled cock breaches the barrier of my sex, splitting me open. Powerful alien hands curl around my wrists, holding me down. My hips arch willingly toward the space-abyssal abomination penetrating my most sensitive flesh. From the depths of the most treacherous waters of the universe, this creature has emerged to […]

Monster King – Loki Renard

Fuck you, I won’t do what you tell me!” The rebellious lyrics are screamed from my throat as the alien king I have tried to resist plunges inside me. I want him. I want him and yet every time he claims me, I feel a little of my old self fading away, obliterated in the […]

Sold – Loki Renard

“Female!” That shout ends my life as I know it. I came to the market this morning dressed as a man in order to sell three oranges, stolen from a tree behind a walled garden in the gold zone. Each of the oranges is a potential lifeline. I could eat them and quench my desire […]

Freak – Loki Renard

Electra “I don’t need to go to the doctor.” “You’re going to the damn doctor,” my handler snarls. “I’m not filling out another fucking incident report where I get censured because you didn’t get checked out thoroughly and your weird body fries itself.” “I don’t fry. I’m not a fucking machine,” I growl. “I’m a […]

The Ward of Falkroy – Loki Renard

“Eyes on me!” It was almost impossible to follow the man who shouted the order as he flowed about the room in a series of quick spins and darts, his muscular body moving with deadly precision and incredible ease. A much younger woman, barely in the bloom of womanhood stood in the center of the […]

Tamed by the Knight – Loki Renard

“Madeline!” A busty lady-in-waiting called the princess’ name in harried tones as she rushed through ornate chambers, her wide and worthy face screwed up with menial concern as she passed peerless and priceless objects collected from across the world. Hailing from the kingdom of Axum to the coast of Malabar, treasures were on display throughout […]

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