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Running to my Wolf – Lola Glass

“Do it.” I commanded. My eyes collided once again with those of Vanellope, my long-time hairdresser. She was a wizard with color and scissors and always knew the best products for my curls. We’d been arguing in her chair for twenty minutes, and the only thing she’d done at that point was pick up her […]

Running from my Mate – Lola Glass

I smoothed my hand over my baby bump, feeling one of the little guys kicking at my ribs. They were still too small for the kicks to feel like much more than flutters, but I loved their attention all the same. Oliver offered me a hand as I stepped up to my seat. I accepted […]

An Oracle Among Hounds – Lola Glass

Ithought I’d experienced cold before. I was wrong. “Get her another blanket,” Ilera commanded Daeli. There were unicorns swarming the castle, at least a few dozen of the shifter women. Every time one of them hurried by me, a cold breeze blew past with them. Daeli vanished and reappeared a moment later with another massive […]

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