Tag: Lora Leigh

Lethal Nights – Lora Leigh

Ilya Nicholas Dragonovich. Son of the Dragon. She thought she’d heard somewhere that that was the literal translation of his surname. If so, it fit him from head to toe. Emma Jane stared back at the tall, dark vision of pure danger and dark, carnal sex appeal and wondered why she wasn’t shaking in her […]

Erin’s Kiss – Lora Leigh

The night had finally wound down, the last customer urged out the door, and the Broken Bar was closed up for the night. Standing next to the counter, Erin Masters surveyed the pristine area critically, ensuring everything was ready for the next night. The head bartender and club manager, Jake Manning, had left her in […]

Dagger’s Edge – Lora Leigh

Journey came awake gagging, the horrible taste in her mouth so vile she could barely stand it. As she fought to bring her stomach under control, she remembered the moment she’d realized the danger she was in, along with her friend Teylor. They’d been in the garden talking. She’d needed help, needed someone to help […]

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