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The Highland Knight’s Revenge – Lori Ann Bailey

That was the answer, but he couldn’t remember the question or who had asked it. Giric de Beaumont MacDonald squinted to get a better look at the man who sat two tables down. He’d just been informed the dark-haired man was Edward Linton, the son of Baron Gillingham, the Englishman who had come to Scotland […]

Highland Temptation – Lori Ann Bailey

C’mon, open. Kirstie Cameron fumbled with a hairpin she prayed would give her access to the locked door. After falling through her trembling fingers, it hit the floor. She cursed under her breath. Her brother’s life lay in the balance, and she couldn’t still her frayed nerves. Scanning the darkened hall, she surveyed the shadows […]

Highland Salvation – Lori Ann Bailey

How do ye tell a lass the man she is betrothed to is dead? Finlay Cameron, the bastard son of the English Earl of Middlesbrough and the Cameron laird’s aunt, had practiced the words over and over on the endless journey north from the successful, but bloody, melee in Edinburgh to the Macnab lands. A […]

Highland Redemption – Lori Ann Bailey

Standing in the shadows near Ross MacLean’s wagon, Brodie Cameron rubbed his frozen fingers together and waited for the man to emerge from the castle. He was about to step across a line. He was spying on a friend. But he had no choice. Ross might have violated an unspoken trust between them, and more […]

Highland Obligation – Lori Ann Bailey

“Nae, I willnae marry.” Isobel MacLean reached into her skirts for the dagger she kept hidden there. Upon finding nothing, she remembered her family had divested her of all her weapons before they’d reached the Isle of Skye’s rocky shores. They had claimed this was a peaceful negotiation, and she would dishonor their clan by […]

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