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Evade and Capture – Lori Matthews

Spencer Gordon lowered the rifle’s telescopic lens and swore. The spring sun was reflecting off the target’s twenty-third floor boardroom windows, and the glint made it impossible to see who the hell he was in there with. She ground her teeth as she brushed blond hair out of her eyes. Her angle wasn’t the best […]

Hit and Run – Lori Matthews

The roaring of an engine and the crunch of metal hitting bone caused Dani Pierce to look up. Her stomach lurched as she watched the blond woman who had been crossing the street directly in front of her catapult twenty feet in the air. The woman twisted, her eyes huge, round and glassy like marbles. […]

Break and Enter – Lori Matthews

Sweat trickled along Alexandra Buchanan’s hairline under her wig. Her heart thudded in her chest. She was minutes from her goal, mere seconds from obtaining her objective. She had been planning for months. Her fingertips tingled as the seconds ticked by slowly. She itched under her red velvet Venetian mask. Its feathers tickled her face. […]

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