Tag: Lori Ryan

Nori’s Delta – Lori Ryan

His body made it on the plane but he felt like his stomach was still on the ground somewhere. Which wasn’t the least bit normal for him. Heath Davis—known to his team and most everyone other than his dad and sisters as Woof—was the last to board the military transport set to take them to […]

Latent Danger – Lori Ryan

Zach Reynolds stepped out of the vehicle and looked around at the lonely stretch of road. It was a heavily wooded area and one of the only places dark and isolated enough for what they were about to see. The early morning hour meant the light would be dim once they entered the woods. Another […]

Dark Falls – Lori Ryan

Retch tan.” Detective John Sevier muttered the words under his breath, not really talking to anyone but himself. The fact that the color of the walls in the conference room was bothering him told him more about his mood than anything. He’d looked at these walls for years and not cared one way or another […]

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