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Scoundrel of My Heart – Lorraine Heath

“I say, this is a marvelous opportunity for one of us to snag herself a duke.” The raspy voice—like fine sandpaper massaged over velvet, a bit of roughness against tantalizing softness—forced Lord Griffith Stanwick to come awake with a jolt of pure physical want that nearly made him groan as his cock responded with a […]

Beauty Tempts the Beast – Lorraine Heath

The frantic knocking woke Ettie Trewlove from her first restful sleep in days. Her three lads, each only a few months old, were at various stages of teething, which made them a grumpy lot, but tonight for some inexplicable reason they were sleeping like angels. The rapping continued. With no hope of it stopping unless […]

The Viscount and the Vixen – Lorraine Heath

Killian St. John, Viscount Locksley, strode past the silent sentinel standing in the hallway without giving the oak inlaid clock much thought. He’d been six when he’d first learned that the hands were supposed to move, that the clock’s purpose was to mark the passage of time. But with the death of Locke’s mother’s, for […]

The Earl Takes All – Lorraine Heath

ON the cold and dreary evening of November 15, 1858, Edward Alcott’s life turned gray. The only thing that saved it from going completely black was Albert. At the age of seven, older than Edward by only an hour, his twin had become the Earl of Greyling that night when their parents were killed in […]

Texas Legacy – Lorraine Heath

The telegram found him in Cheyenne, the words simple and to the point: I need you home. Love, Ma. He’d ridden out to the ranch where he’d been working as foreman, given his notice, packed up his few meager belongings, hightailed it to the railway depot, and hopped on the first train going through that […]

Texas Glory – Lorraine Heath

Dreams. Gossamer images that most people carried with them into their sleep, but for Dallas Leigh, they were the incentive that woke him before dawn, the impetus that pushed him toward midnight. Dreams were the stepping stones to glory. By pursuing them, he had attained a level of success that exceeded most men’s reach and […]

She Tempts the Duke – Lorraine Heath

Tonight was the night they would die. At fourteen, Sebastian Easton, the eighth Duke of Keswick, wished he could be brave about it, could face death with the stoicism and courage his father would have expected and demanded of him, but he was so scared, his mouth so dry, he couldn’t even work up enough […]

Passions of a Wicked Earl – Lorraine Heath

Morgan Lyons, the eighth Earl of Westcliffe, unhurriedly trailed his fingers over the slender bare back—the appearance of which always delighted him. A light touch, barely there, as soft as a cloud drifting across the late-afternoon sky. He’d discovered that Anne responded best to only the hint of sensation, as though the torment of being […]

Lord of Temptation – Lorraine Heath

They were running for their lives. At fourteen, Tristan Easton was well aware of that fact as he scampered behind his twin brother along the creaking docks. They wouldn’t be together much longer. It was far too dangerous. They were matching bookends with pale blue eyes—“Ghost Eyes” the gypsies called them—that made them easily identifiable […]

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