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Louis Tracy – The Stowmarket Mystery

“Mr. David Hume.” Reginald Brett, barrister-detective, twisted round in his easy-chair to permit the light to fall clearly on the card handed to him by his man-servant. “What does Mr. David Hume look like, Smith?” he asked. “A gentleman, sir.” Well-trained servants never make a mistake when they give such a description of a visitor. […]

Louis Tracy – Number Seventeen

“Taxi, sir? Yes, sir. No. 4 will be yours.” A red-faced, loud-breathing commissionaire, engaged in the lucrative task of pocketing sixpences as quickly as he could summon cabs, vanished in a swirl of macintoshes and umbrellas. People who had arrived at the theater in fine weather were emerging into a drizzle of rain. “All London,” […]

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