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Thief of Broken Hearts – Louisa Cornell

“Your Grace, I…” Endymion de Waryn, Duke of Pendeen, lifted his quill mid-word. He raised his head and stared at his personal secretary…astonished. Yes. Astonished. Not surprised, as Babcock had stood there long enough to repeat those same three words twice now, punctuated by a few moments of painful silence and violent throat clearing after […]

Her Unrepentant Rogue – Louisa Cornell

Given the choice between a London ballroom on Grosvenor Square and several hours in the most disreputable gaming hell in Seven Dials, followed by meeting the dawn under the tender mercies of the most enthusiastic lady plying her trade at Mrs. Denman’s establishment on Marlborough Street, Ethan Dorrill regretted that the latter had no place […]

A Lady’s Book of Love – Louisa Cornell

They were staring at her. Not openly, but carefully, so as not to appear rude or ill-mannered. Most ladies found such attentions flattering. Especially when delivered by two handsome and welldressed gentlemen. Even if the stares occurred in an ancient, rather poorly kept cemetery. Not Miss Emmaline Peachum. She’d had enough attention over the last […]

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