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Beach Hut Surprise – Louise Allen

Sir Hereward stood in the bay window of Wakeleigh Towers and gazed out at the vista. It was not an unpleasant one—the Towers’ elevated position commanded a view of Little Piddling’s beach and the promenade—but on this bright March afternoon it brought no pleasure to Sir Hereward. A heavy frown had settled on his brow […]

The Youngest Dowager – Louise Allen

Whiting swung closed the great oak double doors, cutting off the view of the funeral cortege as it began its stately progress down the long drive to the Southwood family chapel. The late March sun had not yet reached the front of the Hall and the last sound the Dowager Lady Longminster heard as the […]

Miss Dane and the Duke – Louise Allen

The stagecoach lurched then, with what seemed infinite slowness, toppled on to its right-hand side, precipitating Antonia into the lap of the portly bank clerk next to her. Clutching wildly at his lapels only served to take both of them on to the floor of the coach, where they were joined by a curate, a […]

Contracted as His Countess – Louise Allen

Castle Beaupierre, the Kent countryside —10th July, 1816 Jack Ransome reined in his horse on the crest of the rise and looked down at a vision of the fourteenth century transported to the age of the Hanoverians. England was still littered with castles, large and small. Some were ruins, some were converted long ago into […]

A Chance On Love – Louise Allen

‘Lady Joanna Holt?’ At last. Restrain your impatience, turn from the ship’s rail and the green-brown waters of the Hooghly River and raise one eyebrow. Just so. ‘Sir?’ ‘I am Sir Alexander Darvell and I have come to collect you and to convey Mrs Atherton’s apologies.’ Not some callow youth full of excuses but a […]

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