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The Surrogate – Louise Jensen

There is a rising sense of panic; horror hanging in the air like smoke. ‘They’re such a lovely couple. Do you think they’re okay?’ says the woman, but the flurry of emergency service vehicles crammed into the quiet cul-de-sac, the blue and white crime scene tape stretched around the perimeter of the property, indicate things […]

The Gift – Louise Jensen

Run. It’s dark. So dark. Clouds scud across the charcoal sky, blanketing the moon and stars. Dampness fills my lungs and as I draw a sharp breath nausea crashes over me in sickening waves. My energy is fading fast. My trainers slap against the concrete and I don’t think I can hear footsteps behind me […]

The Family – Louise Jensen

It all unfolds with cinematic clarity; the gunshot, the scream. Every detail sharp and clear. Time slows as her eyes plead with me to help her. In my mind I bundle her behind me, shielding her body with mine, but she is too far away and I know I cannot reach her in time. But […]

The Date – Louise Jensen

Something isn’t right. I know that as soon as I wake from a thick, muddy sleep. I know that even before I am aware of the throbbing at my temples. It’s not the stab of disappointment I get every morning when I realise I’m not in bed with Matt, that I’m no longer living, or […]

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