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All the Devils Are Here – Louise Penny

Hell is empty, Armand,” said Stephen Horowitz. “You’ve mentioned that. And all the devils are here?” asked Armand Gamache. “Well, maybe not here, here”—Stephen spread his expressive hands—“exactly.” “Here, here” was the garden of the Musée Rodin, in Paris, where Armand and his godfather were enjoying a quiet few minutes. Outside the walls they could […]

A Better Man – Louise Penny

What’s happened to Clara Morrow? She used to be a great artist. #MorrowSucks Are you kidding me? They let him back into the Sûreté? #SûretéSux “Merde.” “Merde?” Myrna Landers looked over her bowl of café au lait at her friend. “I’m sorry,” said Clara Morrow. “I meant to say fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck.” “That’s my […]

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