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Night Shifter – Lucia Ashta

EVERY LİGHT in the living room was on, revealing the droopiness of the well-worn furniture. The grandfather clock on the far wall creaked loudly with each sweep of its pendulum as it prepared to chime three times. My father and brother shared a nervous look with each other before pretending they hadn’t—for my sake. So […]

Lion Shifter – Lucia Ashta

I HURRİED to emerge from the portal that bridged the fae’s Golden Forest and Sedona, that city of red mountains nestled in the southwestern desert. Though the fae-created portal was the only way for a shifter like me to travel to the alternate dimension that served as home to all the fae, I couldn’t stand […]

Forged Wolf – Lucia Ashta

HER PAPA WAS her whole world for as long as she could remember, since her mother left them when she was a young girl, sneaking out in the middle of the night, never to return. All the woman left behind were some serious abandonment issues and distorted memories of her fake laugh and chintzy perfume. […]

Magic Bite – Leia Stone, Lucia Ashta

“ANOTHER ONE, HUNTER?” the hotel bartender asked, the dim lights making his blue demon horns cast macabre shadows across his face. I nodded. Fuck this day. I needed all the alcohol to erase it from my mind. He slid the amber glass across the bar and it landed in my outstretched fingertips. Tilting my head […]

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