Tag: Lucky Moon

Diamond Daddy – Lucky Moon

Hey, watch it, Lex, you almost gave me a bloody nose!’ I’ll admit it: my right hook is getting stronger. Now I come to think of it, so’s my left hook. In fact, I’m getting stronger all over. I can feel my muscles tightening and swelling, week by week. And I know, I just know, […]

Daddy’s Naughty Girl – Lucky Moon

How did it come to this? Tears are streaming down my face as it’s whipped by the wind from the open windows of my clapped-out Ford Capri. The engine’s rattling, the ride’s bumpy. But I love this car. Without her, I’d be trapped in Phoenix with a psychopath. ‘Come on Freedom, keep going.’ I pat […]

Celebrity Daddy – Lucky Moon

Most people would call my job stressful. And don’t get me wrong — it is. I’m an ER doctor, working all hours of the day and night, on some of the most urgent and serious cases you ever saw. Even so, this week — my first week away from the hospital in three years — […]

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