Tag: Lucy Dawson

Don’t Ever Tell – Lucy Dawson

As I open the front door, the birds are chattering, the shrubs and trees in my parents’ garden are glowing honey-gold in the sunrise, but while the air smells invitingly fresh and crisp, I scan The Close anxiously. The neighbours’ curtains are still shut, everything looks normal, dewdrops are sparkling on my father’s neatly cut […]

White Lies – Lucy Dawson

Blinking awake, I tried to twist on the pillow away from the bright sunlight steaming between the flimsy curtains. It was only a tiny movement but a white-hot flash of pain stabbed into my skull from behind my eyes. I moaned slightly, lifted up one hand – trying to hold my head together – my […]

The Daughter – Lucy Dawson

I stop running. Everyone is shouting and my ears don’t like it. I want to go home. Mummy would say, ‘You poor bunny’, and make me a bed on the sofa. My body feels all hurty and hot. ‘Mrs Fey?’ I go and find her. ‘Can I take my jumper off, please?’ She does her […]

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