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To Tempt a Dashing Lord – Lucy Langton

Miss Catherine Hall’s smile was brighter than normal, for she was doing the one thing that brought her the most joy after all the sorrows she had endured. She sat with the younger children of the orphanage, reading them a children’s book with bright, colourful pages. Her employer, Lady Evergreen, sat in a chair next […]

For a Lady’s Lust – Lucy Langton

“What do you think about all of this, Louisa?” Archibald (Archie to those who were acquainted with him) Pelham asked his daughter from his place in front of the fire. His gentle, encouraging voice ebbed into the daze that Louisa was in the midst of. This daze included, as it always did, her sister Evelyn […]

A Lady’s Touch of Sin – Lucy Langton

Blonde-haired. Blue-eyed. A woman who’d grown up in the shadow of the gorgeous Alps, attuned to the layered and humble culture of the Austrians. She’d never been one to demand anything else. “In every way, you’re an Austrian girl, aren’t you?” was how her mother phrased it, with a twinge of doubt to her voice. […]

A Lady’s Sinful Intention – Lucy Langton

“That surely cannot be what happened to her! You’re not serious, are you?” Lydia Seymour asked her dearest friend, Marianne Haggerston, as they sat in Marianne’s bedroom together, putting the finishing touches on their hair. Unfortunately for them, neither girl was very skilled in hairstyling. However, what detail they lacked in their hair they made […]

Taming the Wicked Duke – Lucy Langton

The day had been non remarkable, really. The Duke, William Somerton was riding that day, and his cousin Joffrey was speaking with him. The Duke was slightly annoyed about the conversation so far, which had reflected his father’s recent passing, and so he had tried to steer the conversation in another way to save himself […]

Enticing the Fiery Lady – Lucy Langton

Evelynn James looked upon her reflection in the beveled mirror that sat atop her ivory white vanity. Her satin crème dress with scalloped laced trim seemed to glow in the sunlight that filtered in through the open curtains in the late afternoon light. She pushed her brown hair away from her face, feeling quite unsure […]

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