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Fortune Favors the Cruel – Lucy Smoke, Kel Carpenter

Silver strands whipped around her face as an errant wind brushed over her bare forearms, raising goosebumps in its wake. Quinn shivered, then paused. The southern market of Dumas was alight with happy faces and playing children. The sun shined, and the sand drifted in the breeze. It was the same as it always was. […]

Blessed be the Wicked – Lucy Smoke, Kel Carpenter

Ggnored. The gates lifted when Axe raised her hand to the men at the top. Just inside, they all came to a halt in the center of a blooming courtyard. Towering trees dangled wisteria over the area; vines crept up the stone walls. “Alright,” Axe announced. “She’s expectin’ us.” Quinn handed the reins to an […]

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