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The Revenge of the Highlander’s Bride – Lydia Kendall

Oh, to be in love! What a wonderful experience. Not the common love of a parent or a sibling, nor the love that an animal unduly gives without question, but the pure, unbridled, unconditional love of the soul. That is what I want. That is what I need! Margery Briley sat in the corner of […]

The Rebirth of the Highlander – Lydia Kendall

“WHEN I TELL ya ta make the bloody silver shine, I mean for ya ta make the bloody silver shine, girl,” he barked in her face. “Look at this – streaks. Entirely bloody unacceptable?” The Head Steward at Peterstone Hall loomed over Adela, his face twisted in a rictus of rage. His breath was warm […]

The Highlander’s Iron Lady – Lydia Kendall

The fog had lain heavy in the morning. Atop a hill overlooking the Bannockburn, the Scotsmen stood in their ranks. Their banners hung from their posts, soaked in the morning dew, and beneath them long pikes stood in bristling lines. The air was still in the mist, and all the warriors come that day stood […]

The Highlander’s Enigmatic Bride – Lydia Kendall

They said, “James, you’re a bloody fool for befriending the Scots.” They said, “Any Englishman knows you can’t trust them buggers.” The townsfolk concurred: their fallen hero —loved and adored by all who knew him — had been betrayed. “I heard he saved the life of that dreadful Edan.” “And he never saw it coming.” […]

The Atonement of the Forbidden Highlander – Lydia Kendall

THERE WAS nothing out of the ordinary that evening, yet Tina Leochan knew something was very wrong. Was she having another episode? It was much stronger this time. The room spun around and her hands could no longer hold up the cup of tea between her fingers. It fell, spilling its contents onto her covers […]

Lusting for the Highlander – Lydia Kendall

The old woman, Tily, looked down her long nose at the pretty young redhead who stood at her door. It was obvious that she was tired and dirty and a bit too thin. Despite her ragged appearance though, the woman radiated beauty. Her wild, fiery, copper hair framed her creamy complexion and emphasized blue eyes. […]

Highlander’s Cursed Bride – Lydia Kendall

IT WAS THE YEAR 1604; England had emerged victorious over Ireland in war. The war was triggered by the assassination of the old king of England. His successor, King Henry VII, had been livid and appointed a war lord, Matthew Hale, to lead the Englishmen to war with the Irishmen, knowing full well that the […]

Healing the Tormented Highlander – Lydia Kendall

Ceana Morvell was walking in the forest. It was a path she knew well. One which she and Maighread Morvell, her grandmother, would walk each day, collecting plants and herbs and enjoying one another’s company. They lived in a quiet corner of the Scottish Borders, several miles from their nearest neighbors and ten miles from […]

Enraptured By the Highlander – Lydia Kendall

If anyone was to blame it was the King, James V, the nephew of Henry VIII of England, and his pride and his stubbornness. He was the reason Caelan McLagen, the Laird of Loch Mahrais, was marching over bloody ravaged land, his wrists manacled, shirt torn, and a once-bright plaid now stained with mud. His […]

Daring the Highlander – Lydia Kendall

Bernadine Nibley wiped a stray lock of hair from her face as she slowed her horse to a trot. She had just finished a late afternoon ride, a bracing jaunt through Hyde Park. It was her favorite part of the day, the one time when she did not have to think about propriety or the […]

Captured By a Highland Pirate – Lydia Kendall

ALEC NEVER FELT as free as he did when he was standing at the helm of the Blazing Fire , sailing across the open waters of the sea. He breathed deeply and smiled, savoring the heavy salty scent of the ocean air. He leaned back against the aft railing and turned his face up to […]

Betrayed By His Highland Touch – Lydia Kendall

The horse moved with a wild force beneath Alice while she clutched the reins. The muscles beneath her thighs flexed as she gripped the horse moving along down the dirt trails. The wind pushed against her face, bringing with it a release, a feeling of openness for the first time that day. The deep freedom […]

A Hellion for the Highlander – Lydia Kendall

Alexander MacKinnon, Laird of Clan Gallagher, was not the type to delegate responsibility. Despite the vastness of his clan, he had in-depth knowledge of almost all the weddings, births, and business contracts created within his borders. He knew the variety of herbs in each healer’s shipment, the volume of ale in every tavern barrel. He […]

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