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The Prison Healer – Lynette Noni

Death arrived at twilight. The little girl was down by the river picking jerriberries with her younger brother, their father crouched at the icy water’s edge replenishing his supply of aloeweed. The soothing gel would be needed later, given how many thorns had dug into her flesh. But she could barely feel the pain, thinking […]

Draekora – Lynette Noni

“This is officially the worst idea I’ve ever had.” It was true. Alex may have made some questionable decisions in the past, but the dilemma she and her friends now faced was off the charts, comparatively. “We can still pull this off,” Bear whispered from somewhere to her left. It was too dark for Alex […]

Vardaesia – Lynette Noni

The sky was falling. Millions of stars streaked across the horizon, like tears weeping in the midnight void. Sand lashed against Alex’s flesh as she struggled across an unending desert. She knew very little about where she was, just that it was night-time. It would have been pitch black if not for the raining starlight […]

Raelia – Lynette Noni

“Introducing their Royal Majesties, King Aurileous and Queen Osmada Cavelle.” Alex watched from the corner of the palace’s grand ballroom, catching her first glimpse of D.C.’s parents as they descended the gold-lined staircase. King Aurileous was tall and intimidating, but even from where Alex stood she could tell he had a kind face with prominent […]

Graevale – Lynette Noni

“I can’t believe it. I’m sorry, Alex, but it just sounds so… impossible.” Alex nodded in acceptance, knowing the story she’d just finished telling her three closest friends sounded fantastical even by Medoran standards. “Trust me, Dix,” Alex said, swiping her third chocolate bar from the stash on Bear’s bed, “I know it sounds mental. […]

Akarnae – Lynette Noni

“Honey, if there was any other way, your mother and I would take you with us in a heartbeat.” Alexandra Jennings stared out the car window into the dense forest and sighed deeply into her phone. “I know, Dad. But it still sucks.” “I’m sorry, sweetheart,” came her father’s reply. “But the International Exchange Academy […]

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