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Deep Fried Revenge – Lynn Cahoon

Angie Turner tucked the smiling teddy bear into her backpack as she walked around the carnival with her boyfriend, Ian McNeal. Idaho’s largest fair had just started that morning, and they were enjoying the fun. The sun had just dipped behind the mountains, and the heat of the summer Friday had started to ease. August […]

Picture Perfect Frame – Lynn Cahoon

“Creation is the heart of art. No matter if the product isn’t quite what you want, the act of creation is one of rejuvenation. People need to celebrate not only the successes of their work, but their failures as well.” Meredith Cole glanced around the Coffee, Books, and More shop, crowded with Businessto-Business attendees. Her […]

Penned In – Lynn Cahoon

Angie Turner closed the cooler that had held the salads and sandwiches the team had made for the outing. Their quarterly out of office meeting had turned into an adventure this time. With Matt Young doing the planning, they were sitting on picnic tables near the Boise Foothills and getting ready to be locked in […]

Murder in Waiting – Lynn Cahoon

Event planning is a talent that not everyone has in their DNA. No matter what they teach you in high school, it turns out not everyone can do everything. My Home Economics teacher had a section in our senior Family Living class on wedding planning. I would have been better at looking up airline tickets […]

Killer Comfort Food – Lynn Cahoon

Angie Turner stood in the back of the banquet room of the County Seat, watching as her friend and partner, Felicia Williams, led the cookie baking class. It was the last class they’d scheduled for the Christmas season. Of course, it was past Christmas, but the class had been so popular, the room was filled […]

Sconed to Death – Lynn Cahoon

There is nothing like the taste of coffee, first thing in the morning. Maybe it’s the warmth flowing through your body. (Or maybe it’s the jolt of caffeine.) The mixture did miracles for a wake-up call. Cat Latimer sat at the country farm table that could seat up to ten, twelve if her guests squeezed […]

Mother’s Day Mayhem – Lynn Cahoon

Coffee, Books, and More, my coffee shop and bookstore combo in the tourist town of South Cove, California, was doing its regular business on a Wednesday morning. Which meant I hadn’t had a customer since the last of the commuters had left around seven thirty. You might think I would be upset at the lack […]

A Field Guide to Homicide – Lynn Cahoon

Late October can be the best or worst time to schedule a hike. Right now, the jury was out on Sunday’s activity for the participants of this month’s Warm Springs Writers’ Retreat. Seth Howard— Cat Latimer’s boyfriend, retreat driver, and, for this retreat, hiking guide—sat glued to his laptop. Cat watched him over her coffee […]

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